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Genevo Sun Farms™

Increasingly unpredictable weather events and fluctuating commodity prices can represent a high degree of risk for primary producers. Uncapitalised land parcels with appropriate electrical infrastructure can represent a firm opportunity to gain compelling returns, whilst offsetting some of these risks. Stable wholesale energy prices and current Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGC) rebate can mitigate the uncertainty of primary production and put under-utilised land to work, providing a stable, relatively low maintenance longterm passive income stream.

A small scale Genevo Sun Farm™ can be placed on existing, suitably large shed infrastructure or ground mounted. Genevo works in consultation with the landholder, providing guidance on suitability during the initial site visit. A 250kW ground mount array has a footprint of approximately 1 acre.

To ensure the process is run efficiently from planning to commissioning, Genevo works alongside the landholder in the capacity of project manager & electrical supervisor for the planning, design/installation and commissioning of the solar plant.

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Financial Structure

Genevo Sun Farms™ can be structured under a variety of arrangements;

Landholder Owned

The landholder owns the system outright within their own company/trust structure, thereby gaining 100% of revenue stream from the solar plants generation.


Landholders may purchase shares of the Genevo Sun Farms™ unit trust, receiving dividends from the revenue returns of the solar plant. The landholder will also receive a negotiated lease fee from the trust for the encumbrance upon their land holding.

Lease Agreement

The landholder will receive an annual lease fee for the encumbrance upon the land for a Genevo Sun Farm™.


Return on investment

Current returns for small scale solar farms are between 12-14% PA inclusive of LGC rebate. The return for wholesale energy inputs alone exclusive of LGC rebate is approximately 8%.

The Australian Taxation Office interpret photovoltaic (PV) solar system as a depreciating asset expenditure.

Time frame

The connection and approval process time frame is depended upon the size and type of connection and can be anywhere from 3 - 6 months.

Site inspection

The first step to determine whether a site is suitable is an initial site inspection. Genevo will asses the electrical infrastructure, topography and determine preliminary flood/bushfire risks that may be associated with the site. For more detailed information on a Sun Farm™ or to organise an initial site inspection reach out to us through our contact details.

Genevo Sun Farms™

Genevo Sun Farms™