Solar Farm

Solar farm is the term coined to describe a large collection of solar PV panels which can provide power for an end user (retail customer) or directly to the utility grid where the energy is sold to the wholesale energy market.

Whilst there is not a definitive size that sets a solar farm apart from other solar applications, solar farms are usually >MW in size and consists of ground mount fixed or tilting PV arrays that sell energy directly to the wholesale energy market.

Renewable energy generation sources such as solar PV and wind have now fallen below the generation costs of conventional sources such as coal/gas fired and nuclear generation plants. Through the enactment of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) in 2011, the Australian government has commitment to provisioning 20% of our energy generation from renewable energy plants by 2020. Solar farms are a low risk means for farm owners to gain a regular longterm income from their property and assist to decrease our global green house gas emissions for our next generations.

Genevo’s team of engineers, project managers and master electricians holds a combined 30 years in solar PV design/implementation and civil construction project management. Genevo continues to evaluate appropriate sites for large scale solar PV farms, please feel free to contact us should you wish to discuss the suitability of your farm.