The decision to invest in solar for your home can be daunting, with a large number of solar marketing groups offering systems of questionable quality to door knockers signing up unsuspecting individuals to exorbitantly priced systems. Genevo posses over 20 years experience within the electrical & solar PV industry, our team of Master Electrician & Clean Energy Council accredited electricians and engineers will ensure that your system is optimally designed, utilises high quality components and will always come with our industry leading 10 year workmanship warranty at a competitive price.



Quality benchmark

Genevo continues to supply design, engineering & installation services to mining, government and private commercial clients where extremely high levels of competence, component standards & quality of workmanship are imposed. Our return client base request our ongoing services due our steadfast commitment to maintaining these exacting standards, which carries through from our residential to commercial and larger scale installations.

For impartial advice prior to engaging any solar PV company, we strongly suggest reading Choice’s regularly updated online article. We believe that offers some very worthwhile advice on solar PV.