A carefully considered financial structure for a small to large solar PV asset can leverage untapped savings and can even reduce your monthly expenditure after loan repayments in many commercial settings. Our commercial solar analysis software will offset energy savings with loan repayments and provides our clients with clear ROI out comes. Don’t be shy to reach out to one of our team members to discuss what is required to undertake financial modelling for solar PV assets in commercial and industrial settings. We’re experts at it!

Genevo strongly suggest that anyone considering an investment in a solar PV asset should carefully asses or seek third party advice on the type of finance package being offered. Seemingly ‘too good to be true’ offers of 0% interest, where hidden charges often far out-way competitive asset finance rates should be avoided.

Genevo has scrutinised a large number of financial companies over the years and can recommend a small number of them to our clients. These range from institutional banks & credit unions to financial brokers that specialise in solar asset finance at very competitive and transparent rate structures.

Often your own business financier will be able to offer you competitive asset finance and should be included in your finance conversation. Finance is a competitive market, so it's worth your time to shop around.