Energy analysis

Commercial and industrial settings can present a wide set of complexities to be addresses when considering an investment in solar PV assets. Genevo has a substantial depth of experience in analysing C&I settings for solar PV optimisation.

Who can benefit?

Businesses striving for sustainability and bottom line objectives

Genevo is uniquely placed to bring you a platform of solutions we have extensive experience with and feel confident in recommending to our valued clients. Thanks to our depth knowledge and experience of solar PV and energy storage systems and our business mindset, we’re prepared to transform your goals into realities—without breaking the bank.

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How we work

  1. Observe - The first step to any transition is to take stock of your current energy benchmarks and ascertain what your goals are.

  2. Analyze - Depending on the size of your business this can be as simple as breaking down your retail energy bill or in-depth analysis of your sites interval meter data

  3. Engage - After we have undertaken your site level analysis, we will provide a comprehensive report, clearly mapping out where the savings opportunities are, what are the costs and what your return on investment will look like. We see this as a shared experience and believe that it is important that all stakeholders within your company understand the technologies and the financial cases for them. We will take the time to clearly explain and demonstrate what you can expect from our recommendations.

  4. Deploy - After we have clearly established the outcomes your business wishes to achieve our team of professional installers will get started.